Where the wind blows


While I live so close to the ocean I rarely make the time to go out and enjoy the water.  Yesterday I was having lunch with these two lovely ladies who have a common interest in painting and we made plans to do some plein-air painting in the near future.  Plein air, is a French word, that translates  as “open air”, and defined as painting or drawing outside in the open air.   It’s been a while since I last picked up a brush and I’ve always painted within the confines of a studio so this will be a first experience.  Though I’m aiming for something different, so I’ll just see where the wind blows with this painting adventure.  That is what prompted me to go searching for a nice beach in-world and was not disappointed when I found this absolutely delightful location called Crossing Currents.

Besides the lovely landscaping, the ocean and the sounds of the waves the other nice little perk is that it allows you to rez and I don’t know about you, but that is always a big plus.  Now if I can only get my pose animations all worked out to use without too much hassle then it would be a piece of cake.  Now that just makes me want something sweet to eat.



Top – Lacuna – Bandeau Top White @ My Attic 
Skirt – Lacuna – Diametric Maxi Skirt Tangerine & White @ My Attic
Hair – [e] – Quirky Black 04 (by elikatira)
Hat – Meli Imako – Full Perm Mesh Summer Floppy Hat
Lipstick – BlackLiquid – Blood Sheer Shimer
Bracelet – Earthstones – Tumbled Stones
Sunglasses – Miel’s – Ray Peepers Candy Gloss

Location: Crossing Currents 

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