Pet rocks

A bit of reminiscing as I write this post.  Growing up I was a tomboy as a kid and so I grew up playing marbles and riding my bike instead of playing with dolls and the tea set.  I enjoyed being outside and hanging out with the neighborhood kids. It was the simple life and I have very fond memories of that time in my life.


Though according to my sis I seemed to have missed out in my childhood development, because I didn’t have a pet rock.  Like those were things we picked up and challenged each other at how far we can throw them across the road.  There were plenty of rocks to be found too.  The last time I picked up a rock as a souvenir was when a group of us traveled into Mexico from San Diego and we were near the Pacific Ocean and a colleague suggested we pick up a rock to remember that day.  I think my rock, which has the date is somewhere in a drawer tucked away.

So my darling sis gave me two pet rocks to make up for my deprived childhood. I mean it couldn’t be because she got gatcha fever and ended up with two of a kind. Giggle. I do think these are cute and enjoyed looking at them while I ate Chinese for dinner.


We have concluded that we have a very dysfunctional family. I sent her a poop wand.  It beats me why someone would want to go around waving a poop wand.  Except the machine kept giving me that one and I was determined to get the rare bubble gum one. The machine won that round. She sent me rocks in return. I think that I got the better deal.  We laugh thinking how these wands can come in handy.  I suggested that we come up with a catchy phrase and use it to cast a spell on an unwanted suitor.


Hair – Dura – Boys&Girls 07 Woodsmoke
Dress – So Many Styles – Silky Halter Dress Plain Poppy Red
Necklace – BSD Design Studio – Freedom Blue Sapphire
Feet – GOS – Mesh Flat Feet

Pet Rocks – Olive – The overworked housewife &  the hello their sirs pet rocks {gatcha}
Chinese food from {af}

Location: Personal Home


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