Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions – Pablo Picasso


There is a concept known as color psychology, which basically is an explanation of how colors at the conscious and subconscious level affect a person’s emotions, mood and energy as a few examples.  In essence the study of how it impacts human behavior.

For instance you might have heard that the color red represents power and passion.  It is a very strong vibrant color that elicits a strong emotion.  Or yellow representing sunshine and cheerfulness.   In this picture I am wearing green, a color that many people associate with money and yet it is also known to be the color of balance, nature and often referred to as the color of healing.  Other meanings associated to the color green are growth, fertility and change.

When I was growing up, in one of the houses that we lived in there was a green toilet and sink, so for the longest time I was not too keen on this color.   Today I like green in all its variations — dark green, yellow green, olive and aqua to name a few.  It is a color that I like to wear often and I just love it on this dress from Zaara.  It has fabulous detail and it’s perfect casual wear.

So what colors do you wear and what do they mean?   Find out  here as it might help you in understanding your behavior.



Hair – Truth – Gogo in Night (sale to 10 May)
Dress – Zaara – Chaitra Chiffon Dress Olive @ FaMESHed
Shoes –  Bis[k]uit – Flats in Lime
Necklace – MG – Delightful Dahlia Multi-color Hud
Ring – LaGyo – Bonbon

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