I’m feeling a little thoughtful this morning.


First, I’m smiling thoughtfully as I wonder what to write today and I’m sitting here saying good morning to my in-world sis, where it’s evening for her.  I always know her time just by adding two hours and reversing the AM to PM.  It’s the only way I’ve ever been able to keep up with this dreadful time zone difference between us.

I am a bit tired, and that’s after having at minimum six hours of sleep.  Though I was having a complex agitating type of dream, one that leaves you wondering where did that come from.  When I awake from a dream I generally feel more exhausted than when I sent to sleep.  Over time I have adjusted.  I’m a dreamer and always have been.  I’ve worked out or rather concluded after considerable amount of paying attention that if I can remember the dream than it’s a dream of importance and it’s meaningful to me in some way and if I can’t remember than it’s usually just one of those random ones.

This one is so not random and did I say I’m tired?



Hair – Iren – Stockholm Dark_03
Sweater – TokiD – Juliana Sweater Mustard @ TDR
Skirt – B.C.C. – Petite Baby Skirts Orange @ TDR
Socks – Maitreya – Prim Sock Brown {modified}
Boots – Kiwi – Rimma Mesh Leather Boots Brown


Spruce Trees – 3D Trees
Forest Creeping Cinquefoil – 3D Trees
Short Grass*Dried Meadow*Flat Square – Kidd
Grazing Horse – McLean Horse’s

Pose – Manifeste {modified with Animare HUD} *no longer available*

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