Strolling through Autumn

Sometimes” said Pooh, “The smallest things take up the most room in your heart.”


There are many sims beginning to change into winter scenes as evident by many of the pictures I have seen across the blogesphere or on Flickr.   I guess in many parts of the world it’s starting to turn cold and white, so it’s only natural to begin to see it in-world as well.  In my real life I am happy just to enjoy the windy weather we are having this weekend, even though the air is warm.

As for me in Second Life.  I thought that I would enjoy one more day of these pretty Autumn colors, so I took a stroll through Binemist.   While I didn’t take pictures of the location, it really is a lovely place that I would highly recommend visiting.  It has many spots for photos and the owner allows the rezzing of items for about thirty minutes.



Myself –
Hair – Love Soul – Hair*057* Jet Black
Open Mouth – PXL – Mouth_Open)Addon
Dress – NYU – Pocket Dress Blue
Scarf – Coco – Wool Scarf Stripe-Multi
Tights – Izzie’s – Cat Tightss Black {previously purchased TDR}
Boots – Coco – Knee Boots Beige Grey

Sydney –

Hair – Wasabi Pills – Sugar Rush Mesh Hair Night Shadow
Scarf & Earmuffs – Candii Kitten – Autumn Warmers Scarf & Earmuffs *Blue Argyle*
Complete Outfit  – Baby Pie – Winter Cardi Skirt Combo with Winter Boots

7 thoughts on “Strolling through Autumn

      1. Hehe I AM! Major dork! It kind of fits in with my blog today. My dad was a very busy man when I was growing up. He was the only pediatrician on our side of the county. As that, he was always at the hospital Christmas morning bc as we know, sickness doesn’t celebrate holidays. But every Christmas eve he would read AA Milne to us. I have all the original books and try to watch the old movies when I can find them. Now those were times of innocence. Hehe thanks for reminding me why I watch. 😀


      2. spunknbrains

        My original quote that I was going to use was “through the eyes of a child”… and thought of Patsy Cline’s song, and her lyrics for that song are just so true…

        If I could see the world
        Thru the eyes of a child
        What a wonderful world this would be
        There’d be no trouble and no strife
        Just a big happy life…..

        Sometimes we do need to revert ourselves to that time of innocence to be able to really see.


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