Coastal Bedroom Sets

Bedroom 1

Today I am showing two complete bedroom sets from Aphrodite Shops.  The first is the “Seashell Finder” Coastal bedroom set that comes with the adult wooden bed with 157 animations for singles and couples, love scenes and also comes with props and rezzing scenes.   Each set comes with a couples love seat with animations for single as well, plus bedside tables and a menu controlled fireplace.  The set also has decorative pieces to make the room cozy.   The standing candles in the picture above are a previous group gift and the skybox, shell on top of the fireplace and the plant with pots are not part of the bedroom set.

Bedroom 2

The second coastal bedroom is called the “Sailor Seabreeze”, which has everything that I mentioned above.   The skybox, along with the plant and pots outside, beaded shell curtain on the wall and the plant inside are not part of the bedroom set.


Seashell Finder Coastal Bedroom Set – Aphrodite Shops
Sailor Seabreeze Coastal Bedroom Set – Aphrodite Shops
Flora Shell – Nordari/Jordan Giant
Natural Candles – We’re Closed {previous group gift}
Sawadee Palm & Jars – Tartessos Arts
Sawadee Paradise Plant – Tartessos Arts
Beaded Curtain with Sea Shells – Love Garden *E&M* Design
Monaco Apartment – Barnesworth Anubis


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