Floating Away…

“Every day is a good day to be alive, whether the sun’s shining or not.” ~ Mary Robbins

5-4-14 Kuro Tube

Living in Florida the sun is almost always shining.  I just need to step out my front door and the humidity along with the fierceness of the sun hits my face.   It isn’t too long before I’m longing once again for the coolness and comfort of an indoor air conditioned room.

5-4-14 Kuro Tube 2

Lately there has been rain almost daily and I can’t complain.  It does wonders for my lawn and washes away some of the dirt and pollen dust from my car.

5-4-14 Kuro Tube 3

It’s actually good days to go to the beach here and this float from Kuro would be just the thing to take along to soak up the sun rays with a little bit of protection too.  Of course I would probably buy a different color tube — black naturally absorbs more heat.  The crown of my head can attest to that.

5-4-14 Kuro Tube 4

Hope your Sunday went as lazy as mine. 🙂

Hair – Boon – AAN330 Black
Swimsuit – Prism – Sandi Beaches Bikini Top/Bottom
Shorts – Kaithleen’s – Used Pink One Off Denim Shorts
Feet – Slink – Womens Natural Barefeet
Glasses – Miel – Ray Peepers – Candy Gloss w/ Color HUD
Vintage Float – Kuro
Low Prim Sim Expand Model Sea Rocks with Waves SR2 – Antreas Alter


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