Listen to the beat…

Alelxa 2

I love music like most everyone, but in the last several months I don’t have the constant need to have it blasting in my ears or to really listen to music.   You could say that I am enjoying the solitude of being able to hear my own thoughts and just the peace that stillness and quietness can let you embrace.

Though last night after a few of hours of sleep I found myself wide awake just after one in the morning and reaching for my iPad to listen to music.   Having seen the lyrics to a Lenny Kravitz song led me to listen to Carlos Santana’s song “Maria Maria.”  At this point the beat of the song didn’t help my sleep situation and several hours later and my battery at 5% I finally started to yawn again.

Even slightly tired I found some energy to want to blog this morning.



Hair – *Barberyumyum* – 16/Black
Top – Baiastice – Litka Top w/ Feathers Black @ A6D MixMatch
Skirt – Baiastice – Litka Skirt Black @ A6D MixMatch
Necklace – Eclipse Art Studio – Steel Plates Necklace Silver


Paper Butterflies Light – Plethora
Dreamers Light Iron – Junk

Pose: About to…male by Del May

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