“You are free to choose, but you are not free from the consequence of your choice.” ~ A Universal Paradox


As I was looking at this picture and thinking of the choices of food before me.  It lead me to thinking of how we make choices in all areas of our life from food, to what we wear and to the people we allow in our lives.  Obviously, some decisions are easier than others and usually the harder ones are when your mind and heart wage a war between what you want and don’t want. These days I find myself contemplating the needs versus wants and readjusting my way of thinking in some areas.  Ultimately, maybe reminding ourselves of what we deserve helps put things in perspective to be able to choose wisely.

That’s just one complexity of life.

Here in Second Life one of the choices if we’re so inclined to play the gachas is choosing to take a chance on the item we want and when to stop playing before we spend lots of lindens.  Of course, I’m giving myself a pep talk as the Fantasy Gacha opens today.  🙂


Skin – Belleza – Suki Makeup {June 2014 Arcade}
Black Eyeliner – Audrey – Tuty’s
Black Eyeliner – Blooming 2 – Tuty’s
Hair – Dura – Giirl*41 Black
Oriental (Dragon) Rare – Pixicat {June 2014 Arcade}
Oriental (Fan) Rare – Pixicat {June 2014 Arcade}
Oriental Kimono Blossom – Pixicat {June 2014 Arcade}
Hands – Slink – Avatar Enhancement Hands Elegant

Pose: Girl Sitting – Bounce This Poses

Ayumu Teahouse Brown/Red – [CIRCA]
Finding Bliss Meditation Table & Planter Set – Roawenwood
Paper Lantern – Oyasumi {Sept. 2014 Arcade}
Japanese Table – Oyasumi {Sept. 2014 Arcade}
Blue & Red Chinese Design Rug – Faith Wunderland
Chinese Armoire – Blue – Casa de Shai
Rising Sun Delicates Gacha (all the food on table) – 8f8 @ Xiasumi School Festival

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