I’m still thinking of you.


I didn’t have any plans to blog today.  It’s been a hectic last few days at work and then the whole preparing for Thanksgiving and then you add the consumption of so much food from the meal that I was just in a state to take it easy.  Though after spending a little time with a close friend I decided to bounce around a few stores that had a Black Friday sale without any real intent.  It was during my visit to the Dead Dollz store when the view outside happened to catch my attention and so I aimed my camera out to take a closer look.  I found this cafe that was beautifully set up and well after a few minutes I had selected a wind light and my camera naturally started clicking.


Hair – Soonsiki – Chloe in Blacks @ No.21
Sweater – Zenith – Mesh High Knit Dress @ Kustom9

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