What’s that rumble?

Is that him coming

I was going for the surprised shocked look of a child hearing the rumble coming through the fireplace except that due to a malfunction of sorts the Emoter HUD got stuck on two emotions at the same time and gave me this smile shocked expression instead.  This is why I have instead an impatient fearless child that anticipates Santa is about to arrive.

Some of the creators that participated at The Arcade during this round were very generous with their gifts that you can find under the large Christmas tree that sits in the middle of the Arcade.   Two of my favorite items were the milk and chocolate milk bottles and the plate of ginger pig cookies, which is just like one of our Mexican pastries  that looks exactly the same just a bit thicker.  They are called “Marranitos,” which translated means little piggies.

Hair – Love Soul – Hair*115
Rudolph Outfit – Doodle Bugs {store gift}

Friedberry “Store” Fog Rare – {anc} @ The Arcade
Fireplace, Sled, Milk Can Berries – Pixel Mode @ The Liaison Collaborative
Basic Merry Christmas Rug – Ispachi
Wood Fire {inside fireplace} – Digs [Part of the Landon Fireplace]
Bulb Garland – MudHoney @ The Arcade
Granny’s Winter Cottage – Toys – 8f8 @ The Arcade
Bambi Figurine – Apple Fall @ The Arcade
*Elden Homemade Colored Plywood Tree & Gift Boxes – [ARIA]
Hammie & Stocking – MishMish @ The Arcade {free gift under tree}
Stars Decor – Sway’s @ The Arcade {free gift under tree}
Milk Bottles – 8f8 @ The Arcade {free gift under tree}
Plate of Ginger Pigs – Schadenfreude @ The Arcade {free gift under tree}
Pose –  Country Strong by Infiniti {modified with Animare HUD}
*Review copies.

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