Faced with inevitable change…the choice was mine.

“…Deception and manipulation kill relationships because they are the opposite of respect and honor.  Only honesty and openness build deep relationships.”  ~ Calvin Dillard

Frozen in time 4

My father was a musician and he played the accordion from a very young age teaching himself and learning from hanging out with musicians who played.  The music he played is known as “Norteno,” which means northern and a popular form of music that originated around the Texas-Mexico border.  Dad played basically everything from corridos that are long ballads usually about political and popular issues of the time and today some of the most popular songs are those that involves the drug trade, a major controversial issue that has resulted in the loss of lives for many musicians who sang those songs.   He played rancheras, which themes revolved around love, patriotism and the music is usually a waltz, polka or bolero.

Mexican music to me is a lot like country music where it’s all about love, lies, betrayal and heartbreak.

This accordion is a new release by Happy Mood at the SOU by Creation JP event, which is what prompted me to go to the event. While not the same kind of accordion my father played, which was the button accordion, it was a timely release because what I gained that day was an answer to a plaguing question.

Happy Sunday!

Skin – WoW Skins – Fionora
Hair – +elua+ – Demi in Blacks @ SOU by Creation JP
Outfit – [sYs] – Capucine Tuxedo @ SOU by Creation JP
Bow Tie – [sYs] – Bow Tie Red @ SOU by Creation JP
Shoes – *YS&YS* – Xmas Sandals @ The Dressing Room
Accordion – Happy Mood – Wooden Accordion @ SOU by Creation JP

Itchy & Puffy Grass Frozen by Alirium

Pose: Dumbfounded Male by Del May

3 thoughts on “Faced with inevitable change…the choice was mine.

  1. I have popped by to look at your blog from time to time, but usually on my phone (where it is hard to comment), but I HAD to comment on this one. The photo is stunning and thank you for sharing your memories of your father. Hugs, Alexa, and Merry Christmas ❤


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