I’m a bit squirrely.


Only because I spent the good majority of my time in Second Life this evening resolving my issue of not being able to use shadows and was successful only to not even use the picture showing the shadows.   Maybe tomorrow.
To make a long story short. I updated my driver, which after some slight adjustments fixed the crashing problem when I enabled advanced lighting.  Though if it were that easy.  That in turn created a problem of mesh going invincible as a result of the AMD Catalyst 14.12 driver not rendering rigged mesh unless the hardware skinning is disabled.  Well doing that meant I couldn’t use advanced lighting and that means no shadows.  A little more researching the issue led me to Inara Pey’s blog, where it provided a workaround to this problem.   Basically copying some DLL files and placing them into your viewer folder and that ultimately solved the last problem.
I feel all sorts of accomplished now.
Dress – Junbug – Helena Night
Crown – FDD – Aracelis Crown Silver Ultra @  Totally Top Shelf
Earrings – FDD – Aracelis Earrings Silver @ Totally Top Shelf
Necklace – FDD – Aracelis Necklace Silver Rare @ Totally Top Shelf
Chain Collar – Luas – Ashanti Chain Top Silver @ Countdown Room
Squirrels on Tree Stump – United InshCon
Book Cage – The Loft @ Collabor88
Grasses – Happy Mood
Pose: Temptress Set by Ma Vie

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