Enjoying the beauty of an oncoming spring.


Each day the air seems to be getting warmer and warmer as the heat starts to kick up into those blistering hot muggy days that we often experience living here in Florida.  Those days are not far off, though this is a perfect time of the year when it’s not too hot nor cold either and the kind of weather that permits wearing long and short sleeveless dresses.  I made it to the Fantasy Gacha Carnival without overly tripping all over myself if you don’t count managing to walk right off the cliff into the water and right smack into walls.  No doubt bumping into people, except my screen would literally blank out on me during those times and it came clear when I was facing a wall.   Gives a humble apology if it was any of you.

I’m feeling rather lazy today and was contemplating maybe taking a last minute out of town trip two states away since it’s a long holiday weekend.  Wishful thinking now since the idea was cut short as I got a call this morning as a reminder that I had my 6-month follow-up with the oncologist.  It’s a good thing they called as I didn’t have the appointment on my calendar and getting it rescheduled would have meant a wait of another 2 months.   While I’ve had hormonal challenges during the last several months I feel pretty optimistic, if slightly anxious, at least until he gives me the sign off once again that everything is normal.

Have a fabulous Friday!

Hair – Tukinowaguma – Larisa @ Creators Collection Box
Dress – Inanna Dress Flower Antique – Aphorism @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Old Rose Bouquet – [[RH]] @ Creators Collection Box {Group Gift}

Pose: Comes with Rose Bouquet

Location: Friend’s Home

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