La mirada (the look).

Purple Girl 005

It’s a given that everything that I purchase in Second Life is for my own entertainment regardless whether I blog, wear or even use it for that matter.  I try not to be too spoiled in my purchase endeavors, though without shame admit that I can fall prey to buying things without a second thought to the price if I want it.  I definitely don’t need it.  I confess to inwardly cringing when I see comments on blogs or Flickr about needing this or that even if I know they probably meant it as a want instead.

I didn’t need this lovely purple dress or this shiny hair edition.  Nonetheless, every now and then I will splurge on things that go beyond my usual purchases of stuff that I will use more than once if not more regularly. These items were just fifty lindens for this weeks round of 50L Friday, so I’m even conscious of not overspending too… written with a smug look.

Sorry no credits this post as I am not in-world and the cost for these items were for Friday only.  Though many creators leave it out all weekend, so check out the gallery at Seraphim and you’ll see what I’m wearing.

2 thoughts on “La mirada (the look).

  1. I do the FLF as well and picked up a few things including this gown. I will use it at a later date for some post. Besides, I don’t have a lot of princess gowns and it was worth every linden.Love the angle you used for this shot ♥


    1. spunknbrains

      Junbug does lovely gowns… no question. This color isn’t something I typically wear, but for a short run it’s great.


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