[ARIA] @ 6th Republic

Aria 027

I didn’t plan on doing a post today as I didn’t do much last night while in-world outside of walking the dark style fair and a sneak peek into 6th Republic. Normally, I take pictures during my time in the evening and blog first thing in the morning or every now and then later in the day when I have a free moment as often times I’ve already started the post with the picture and credits done. The only drawback to not posting in the morning is that then I’m at work and I don’t log into SL at work and while I can access the blog and post I don’t have access to my pictures to upload onto Flickr.  

Then I came in-world tonight and found this set from [ARIA] and having had a long day and feeling slightly worn out I set to decorating this kitchen to relax and just leave my work day behind.  It’s called the Emmerich and can be found at the opening round of 6th Republic, a new decor and landscaping event that will have exclusive 100% original mesh in a theme selected for each round.  This month it is industrial and the modular kitchen set that [ARIA] has created comes in both PG and adult and as always it comes with texture change options for most parts.  

*Emmerich Modular Kitchen Set – [ARIA] @ 6th Republic
{Counters, Island, Stools, Lights, Sink, Stove, Refrigerator, Decorative Pans and Pots, Dishes, Canisters, Utensils, Chopping Board, Runner Rug & Potted Blooming Strawberries}
Dove Bay House – L2 Studio
African Basket 2 & 5 {slightly tinted} & Brass Hour Glass – Fancy Decor
Snapdragon Vase – LODE Decor @ Shiny Shabby
Mesh Blinds – LISP
Darla Dish Rack w/ Plates [ARIA]
Ratatouille: Vegatables and Cookbook – Dutchie
Cookbooks – Michigan Shack
Lanai Candle Jar, Orange Bowl & Pam’s Lanai Wine – Cheeky Pea
Mezcal & Tequila Bottles – [kunst]

*Review copy.

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