The storm isn’t quite over.

Den 064

It’s been raining every other day it seems in my real world and today was no exception, so when I was going through the various wind lights trying to find one this one seemed to settle on me.  The [Den] has released  a new model called the Sundara Villa that is only 29 land impact.   It has three large sections to the home and has some really nice design features like the columns in the front of the home to the shape of the windows and the lighted effects of the ceiling in each room.   You can find this home at the current round of Uber.

Aria 0582

Tomorrow hundreds will be storming the gates to the entrance of the Arcade.  Though if you want a little less chaos then try FaMESHed, which opens up with a new round tomorrow too.   [ARIA] has the Signe living set, which comes with a very comfortable sectional sofa, and some wonderful decor pieces.  The sofa has up to six different upholstery colors and many patterns to choose from for the cushions and throw. This set can be found in PG and Adult and can be purchased as a set or individual pieces.

See details below for all the items shown.

First Pic ~
*Sundara Villa – The [Den] Residential @ Uber
*Cypress Oaks {4 Seasons} – Little Branch @ The Cosmopolitan Room
Real Grass *Green Meadown* white Flower – KIDD Creation
Hook Thorn Potted – Little Branch
Desert Floor Plants Blue & Red – Kalopsia
Nobles Topiary Trees – Roawenwood
Teal Garden Bench – La Galleria

Second Pic ~
*Signe Living Set – [ARIA] @ Uber
{Bleached Canvas Rug, Coffee Table, Decorative Book Pile, Floor Light, Framed Print Splash,
Leaning Shelf Decorated, Potted Narcissus Papyraceus, Section Sofa & Zamioculcas Potted Plant}
Swag Curtain – Figment
Wall Panels {white wash} – Theosophy
Oversized Floor Cushions Turquoise & Floral – Junk @ Uber
White High Table, Pictures Lamp & Agenda {Paris Set} – Kalopsia
Lucero Vase – The Loft @ Collabor88
Duckie Triplets – The Loft @ Collabor88

*Review copies.


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