Hammock Home

The Den 02656

A quick post to show you the latest home by The [Den], which can be found at the recently opened LTD Event.   It’s mesh and materials ready and you will love that it’s only 34 prims land impact.

The Den 015

I found myself a little thoughtful at first at how I would decorate it, especially the long narrow area near the windows in the top picture.  Though I feel pretty good with the end result.


*Hammock Home – The [Den.] @ The LTD Event
Traveler Set Double Bed – Bazar
Toronto Wire Candlesticks, Roman Amphora – Bazar
Toronto Living Room Chandelier, Room Lamp, Picture Frame 2 – Bazar
Toronto Throw Pillows Basket & Armchair – Bazar
Toronto Bathroom Carpet – Bazar
Traveler Plant 1 – Bazar
Mesh Blinds Wide Long {modded} – LISP
Emmerich Kitchen Fridge, Range & Range Hood, Sink Unit, Corner Counter Unit – [ARIA]
Emmerich Kitchen Island, Shelf, Glasses & Plates, Canisters, Decorative Pots & Pans, A, B, Pile – [ARIA]
Emmerich Draftsman Stools, Potted Blooming Strawberries & Piled Chopping Boards – [ARIA]
Traveler Diary – Bazar
Books_FL_V1 {no longer available}
Row of Books Ancient History – Dutchie
Row of Books 10 & 13 & Row of Books Pastel Ordners – Dutchie
Fatty Piggy, Fatty Ram & Fatty Elephant – ISON Home
Traveler Butterfly Frame, Writing Desk, Vintage Personal Items – Bazar
Traveler Books Stack, Photo Frame 2 & 3, Bag 1 & 2, Plant 2  – Bazar
Wood Sculpture, Greek Vase, Book & Clock  – Bazar
Toronto Living Room Rug  – Bazar
Gale Chair Ikat Rare, Navy & Rug Chevron – MudHoney @ The Arcade
Leafers Lamp Gold – 22769 [bauwerk]

*Review copy.

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