I have always known it was you

The Wedding Couple 017

Just being a bit comical here featuring the beach wedding chairs from Aphrodite Shops.  They are mesh and are only 2-3 land impact and come decorated with drape and seashells behind the chair or without and also a choice of three different metal colors and five fabric themes.  On top of that each chair has 33 animations for male, female and also custom made fun animations for children to make the experience even more memorable for that special occasion.

These chairs are not limited just to weddings as they can basically be used for any number of events.

*Beach Wedding Chairs – Aphrodite Shops
Canopy:lace:white – {anc}
Fish Shop Daughters/Lotus:White & Lotus:Red {May 2015 Arcade}- {anc}
Mannequin. Blue & Pink {Feb 2015 FGC} – {anc}
A Royal.Crown.Blue – {anc}

*Review copy

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