Me dijo, eres dulce y mala al mismo tiempo

He said, “You are sweet and bad at the same time.”

The Mexicana 048

I really loved this table and chair set that [noctis] created for The Fantasy Collective, because it reminds me of the furniture from some of my border trips to Mexico.  I call them border trips as they were only visits that didn’t venture beyond a couple of cities from the border line.  My very first trip was while visiting San Diego, California and crossing over the bridge to Mexico through Tijuana.  I will never forget that trip as it was heart wrenching to see little children no more than 5 years of age panhandling for money.  Another border trip was through Hidalgo, Texas when I was actually in Fort Worth and our party made the jaunt to McAllen and then on to Mexico.

It’s a pity that now those trips across the border are not considered the most safe, but who knows what the future brings.

Hair – Tukinowaguma – Celina @ On9 Event
Dress – Luas – Licinia White @ The Fantasy Collective

Rural Farmhouse Rare – Apple Fall
Table & Chairs – [Noctis] @ The Fantasy Collective
Superlong Potted Cactus – Soy
Boho-Colored Kitchen: Shelf Rare, Chest, Kitchen Stuff, Covered Pot, Clay Pots, Table, Busket w/ Bread, Jam, Wooden Plates, Milk & Butter Pot {gacha from March 2015 Shiny Shabby} – [Zerkalo]
La Cantina: 07 Hanging Apron, 06 Wine Rack, 01 Easel Rare, 09 Wine Set, 02 Bucket {gacha from May 2015 Shiny Shabby}- YS&YS
Magnolia II Vase Rare {March 2015 Arcade} – LODE
Golden Shower Vase [white] – LODE @ The Arcade

Pose: Reluctance to Walk by Del May

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