Jian for the Neighborhood

Jian 056

Doing a quick post to tell you about the Beaumont pool that Jian has released for this weekend’s event The Neighborhood.  The pool is just 14 land impact and comes in both a pg and adult version and seven texture choice options with just a click.  It comes with solo and cuddle animations and the adult version has adult ones included.  It’s $150 lindens throughout the weekend only, so don’t miss it.

*Beaumont Pool Patio – Jian  *** for The Neighborhood***
Garden Tree 07 – Happy Mood
Nanohana – *alirium*
Grass Field Green – [We’re CLOSED]
Land Forms – Studio Skye
Seraphim 2nd Birthday Tree – [We’re CLOSED]
Cloth Chair Brown – [We’re CLOSED]
Rock 1 – 3D Trees {Re-textured}

*Review copy

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