In the heat of the moment

Aria 070

New round of Uber and look what [ARIA] has brought us.  The Giada bedroom set is a mixture of modern and industrial and includes the bed, side table, drawer cabinet, hanging bulb light, the potted zamioculcas plants and book decor.  You get texture options with the bed, side table and drawer cabinet to personalize to your own taste.

You can grab this set in either PG or Adult version and both come with poses for single and couples with some attachable props as well.

I am a bit tolerant in my Second Life, because scattered clothes on the floor would drive me a little nuts in real life.  I’ll just pretend this was in the heat of the moment.

*Giada Bedroom Set – [ARIA] @ Uber {July – August 23}
Stratford Industrial Loft – EliBaily
Ikon Dark Rug – Tartessos Arts
#2 Magazines & #4 Tossed Clothes  {from Look Through The Window Gacha} – Haikei

*Review copy.

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