The party is here

Epia 080

Hair – No.Match – No.Call @ On9
Kasa Bikini – The Annex

*College Pool Party” – (epia) @ The Arcade
-BBQ Grill, Beer Keg
-College Adventures Book
-Fancy Drink Cup
-Jello Shot Plate
-Outdoor Pool RARE
-Party Garage RARE
-Party Sign
-Ping Pong Table
-Shot Glass Roulette & Used Sofa RARE
1 Prim Privacy Pine Grouping – 7 Pasangs to the South
Garden Tree 08 – Happy Mood
Shrub-Yellow – Happy Mood
Itchy Grass [Dark Green] – alirium
Shrub Large Green – We’re Closed
*Park Bench – [DDD]/Dysfunctional Designs
Printed Jute Rug – The Loft
Kraken Dart Board – Cheeky Pea
*”Loving Couple” Heart Couple Float – Aphrodite Shops @ Tres Chic



3 thoughts on “The party is here

  1. I love what looks like sliding barn doors on the house and then the carried out look of the siding on the house.

    However, I love the look carried out in your header. I love, love nostalgia & romance pieces. It used to drive my bosses + the brass at the Pentagon when they’d enter either outer office or my office. Some were distressed by my conference room. I always did away with the government issue furnishings and brought in what I wanted to be surrounded with and not what ‘law and order’ dictated. I always had a lot of fun finding whimsical items to add to my ongoing collections for the office. Unfortunately, I never thought about how I was going to use them when I retired – I have some of the items in my home office but simply don’t have the space for many other items I positively am in love with.


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