Peace starts at home

Jian 019

There really is something calming when I do country and landscape scenes as they just invoke a sense of serenity and this peacefulness.

I’m showing the Down on the Ranch Barn by Jian, which is currently available at We ❤ Role-Play.  The barn comes with several texture options for the color and you can get the menu simply by clicking anywhere except the doors.  If you click the doors they will open and close on click.

To complement the barn Jian also has a ranch decor set that includes the laundry bucket that comes in static and animated version, washboards and the windmill that is leaning up against the bar.   The Maybelle the Sheep come in two versions, the static and animated that moves and baaahs.  If you want to stop the animation just click on it.  They each have the option to change the texture of the coat.  You get six color choices.

I used a few items currently available at The Arcade, which are listed below.

*Down on the Ranch Barn – Jian @ We ❤ Role Play
*Maybelle the Sheep – Jian @ We ❤ Role Play
*Ranch Decor {laundry bucket, washboard & windmill} – Jian @ We ❤ Role Play
Mesh Horses – United InshCon
Itchy & Puffy Grass – *alirium*
Fall Harvest – Wagon Wheels, Chucky’s Feed & Barrel Display @ The Arcade
Wax On/Wax Off Convertible Hud Ratrod Rare – Consignment @ The Arcade
Garden Tree 08 – Happy Mood

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