The fierce protector

“There is a look that can melt a woman’s heart from across a crowded room that tells other men, “She’s under my protection…” ~ Graham R. White

Mine 004

It’s not very common for me to wear coats in this fashion in real life as we just don’t have that kind of weather for it.  Casual is the norm and even in the winter, which if you know the southern part of the state of Florida, it’s mildly less hot than at other times of the year.   It’s why dressing up in Second Life has its perks.  Alright. We just like playing dress up.

The rigged mesh coat is from MoDANNA and is currently available at Fashion Fair that runs only until the 15th of October.  There are 8 colors to choose from and it’s reasonably priced at $179 lindens.

The other thing that I want to share is that Apple Fall still has some fantastic discounted items at the main store.  The chairs in the background and the building are both $0 lindens currently at the store.  You really can’t beat that price!

Hair – No.Match – No. Fate
*Coat – MoDANNA – [Merle Collection] – Faux-Peplum Coat White @ Fashion Fair
Sandals – ANE – Champion Gladiator High Sandals Light Metal

Blooming Agave – Botanical
Plywood Commercial – Apple Fall
Amy’s Corner Chairs – Apple Fall
Shrub Large Green – [We’re CLOSED]
Doberman – Just Animals

Pose: Kaiden by {pose maniacs}

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