Arriba, abajo, al centro y adentro!

Epia 001

My sister PB gave me the keys to her house while she’s away and said make yourself at home and so I did.   I should send her a note letting her know she needs to make a pit stop on her return trip to restock her liquor cabinet.

In the meantime… “Salud!”

Cheers also for the new combat boots that (epia) has released for this round of FaMESHed.  The boots are mesh and 3D modeled to fit and come with 8 choices in texture for the boot and 3 for the metal.  They can also be re sized by HUD or manually.

Hair – Analog Dog – 42 Black
Top – Maitreya – Ana Top * Tie Dye Zero
Jeans – [sYs] – Chipie Boyfriend Jeans
*Boots – (epia) – Rebel Combat Boots @ FaMESHed
Pipe – Leonard! – Bubble Pipe

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