South Woods Retreat

The Den 001

The [Den.] has released a new home currently out at Uber.  The South Woods Retreat is low impact, mesh and materials ready, so it is best used with advanced lighting on.

I nestled it among my current home location, so I am not crediting the landscape in this post.  Shoot me a comment if you want to know anything specific.

*South Woods Reatreat Home – The [Den.] @ Uber
Hook Thorn{Potted}_V1 – Little Branch
Ruffle Curtains – Mud Honey
Bird Flower_v1 {With Flowers Menu} – Little Branch
Petunia – Dutchie
Key Lamp (Nickel) – Apple Fall
Pediment Frame w/ Pillar Sketch – Apple Fall
Key Table (Washed Light) – Apple Fall
Charlotte’s Pears – Apple Fall

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