Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life

DaD 008

I am squeezing in another quick post as I already had the picture and credits done.  I have only one other post completed except I’m not entirely sure if and when I will post it.  For sure after the Christmas weekend I will focus on posting anything left undone.

Though if I don’t get around to doing anything before Christmas, I want to take this time and wish everyone a blessed and wonderful Christmas.

DaD Designs is participating in this new round of Lost & Found with their “Music is Life” gacha set.  I’ve detailed all the items below that are included in the picture, but not necessarily everything that makes up the gacha.  I think there are a few other items that I didn’t use.   The chairs are either pg or adult, and come in two different colors.   The other items that I am featuring are the stars on the wall by Una and are available at this new round of Shiny Shabby.

*Music is Life Gacha by DaD Design @ Lost & Found
01 Recycled Piano Bookshelf Ultra Rare
02 Leather Armchair Brown & Brown – Rare
03 Leather Armchair Brown & Cream – Rare
04 Corrugated Brown Rug
05 Books Coffee Table
06 Small Wood Table Brown
08 Trumpet Lamp
09 Music Sheets Falling
10 Oval Wood Table Brown
12 Bronze Statue
14 Wood Statue
15 Jazz Composition
16 Black Music Notes Set of 3

*Star Wall/Path Olive/Dark Green/Gold – Una @ Shiny Shabby
*Star Wall/Path Vine/Red/Olive – Una @ Shiny Shabby
Cello // .03 – NOMAD
*Sweet Maine Cabin – DaD Design @ The Cosmopolitan Room
Black Coal and Gold Sleigh Rare – Libertine @ MidWinter Fair
Red Undertree Messy Drape – Libertine
Decoratable Tree 2015 [2.6] – Libertine
Present Pile & Toy Horse – Dust Bunny @ Collabor88
Holiday Hearth Eggnog Service – Roawenwood
*Myrrh Handmade Vintage Gacha – ARIA @ Tannenbaum Holiday Market
-Tree Topper – Rare
-Vintage Traditional Bauble Ornament
-Vintage Bauble Ornament
-Vintage Bulb Bauble Ornament
-Vintage Pointed Bauble Ornament
-Vintage Finial Bauble Ornament
*Fluffy Pine – Dysfunctional Designs

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