Thank you!

12-31-15 Unkindness Group Pic

I was selected for another group cover on December 31st.   I want to thank everyone again for giving me this platform to take pictures and share my little slice of creativity and at the same time share the wonderful designs created for our pleasure in Second Life.

I’m not sure if you have to be a member of Flickr to view: 7madravensheathenesque 

I’ve been slacking lately not posting as much and the break has allowed me to shift focus for a bit to primarily concentrate once again to just enjoy and have fun in Second Life.   Having spent the good part of the last 12 months literally just shopping events and spending it on my platform has probably not been the most conducive to keep yourself well balanced.

Either way the little break has been positive.  I feel lighter and having resolved some personal and relationship conflicts has also given me a freedom to once again get out of my comfort zone and want to embrace the new in my life.

I’ll be starting to post a little more regularly today and the coming days.  I may be a bit slow starting off just because I am about to delete half of my inventory. It’s time. I’m ready.

I was listening to this song and it’s exactly how I feel..

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