The retreat getaway

Aph 001

Heart Homes has released the Alpine Retreat House, which is a mesh home that has a land impact of about 145 and includes a working fireplace, lights and optional kitchen.

The bench out in front of the house is also from Heart Homes and is switchable from being snowed to cozy without the snow.  It has props for solo and couple poses for a total of 29 animations.

The winter sled, chiminea and foxes are all from Jian and can be found at the store. They are fairly new releases that were previously released at a just passed event, that I didn’t get a chance to post until now.  The foxes come in animated or static version.

*Alpine Retreat House – Heart Homes
*Winter Cozy Bench – Heart Homes
*Winter Sled – Jian
*Fox’s Fallen Tree – Jian {was a freebie at past event}
*Foxes – Jian
*Hearthside Chiminea – Jian
Alaska.v1~Cluster{Seasons} – Little Branch
XmasTree – Little Branch
Grass1l {Winter} Little Branch

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