It’s a case of who caught who

Pic 12

I was working the midnight shift in SL Town where it wasn’t so uncommon to find your usual unsavory and nonconformist types.  It happened so rapidly as I was cruising the streets that he suddenly appeared from the shadows of the side alley.  I quickly swerved to avoid to hit this suspicious tattooed character who was dressed in some off white assemble. That one eye face mask with a bat full of nails hanging from his back was surely a sign he was up to no good.

Pic 053

Muttering under my breath as I braced myself for the eventual impact against the fire hydrant just to avoid to hit this loose cannon.  I quickly got out of my vehicle with my nerves still intact and my hand firmly placed on my revolver as I moved to the other side to ensure that I hadn’t skimmed him with the patrol car.

Pic 044

He stood there erect and immovable, like a night predator watching his next victim approach.  No outward sign of injury as I cautiously got near.  There would be no need to call in my years of first aide training or to apply mouth to mouth resuscitation.  Clears throat.

Even before I could speak he maneuvered around me and caught me. Maybe. Looks can be deceiving. I think this last picture tells that the story can go a few ways.

Thanks ! (smirks) ❤ 
*Final scene and last two pictures to his credit.

Hair – Wasabi Pills – Charlotte @ FaMESHed
Police Uniform, Cap, Boots & Belt – (epia) @ The Men’s Department
Police and Thief Pose Patrol Car – Come Soon Poses
Pose: In Custody 1 by Verocity Poses

Location: The Forbidden

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