It’s got to be now or never

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Last night as I was laying in bed replaying a short conversation that I had with someone and I realized that my response in that dialogue exchange was heavily leaning towards a passive/aggressive behavior like tendency.  I felt like the small size of my child avatar in that moment.  It’s not how I want to come across for sure and I pondered the why, when and what of how I got to doing it. In the end it really doesn’t matter — it only matters what you do afterwards once you have that realization that you behave a certain way.  That’s my pearl of wisdom for you.

Today I am showing this fence decor by Shutter Field that you can still find at the On9 Event that runs several more days until 28 January.  The fence includes the pail with grass, hanging fabric and the leaning rake.  It’s modify so you can remove any of the items you want.  In the picture above I removed them from another piece to make the fence longer.  You can find this version and a beach version as well at the event.

The bald cypress trees and grass are by Little Branch and are currently at the new round of Shiny Shabby that just opened up a few days ago and will end on 1o February.  You can also go check out their store at the sim for other great landscaping products.

The last item being featured are the boots little me is wearing that I have previously blogged. They are the cutest little winter boots and I love the many color choices available.  You can find them at the Playroom, a kids event, but you got to hurry it ends on 31 January.

Featured Items:
*Bald Cypress – Little Branch @ Shiny Shabby
*Wild Grass*1Li {Yellowish} – Little Branch @ Shiny Shabby
*Fence Decor 1 – Shutter Field @ On9
*TD Snowboot [Cherry] – *Buglets* @ The Playroom

Other Credits:
Hair – Doe -Elfie
Glasses – VCO – Party Glasses
Top – Candi Kitten – Leigha Mesh Top {part of outfit}
Necklace & Bracelet – *Buglets* – Charity Accessories {part of Charity formal dress outfit}
Shorts – (RD) {old item – can’t find on marketplace}

Windmill Wall Decor – Brocante
Dachshund Puppy – Red – Her – Pink Acid @ The Seasons Story
Log Stump Seat – The Domineaux Effect

Pose: Cute Summer Pose by Kirin

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