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RFL 006

Happy Monday and President’s Day for those that live in America! Hope your weekend and your Valentine’s Day was fabulous and if you’re lucky to work in an office that closes in honor of our country’s leaders enjoy that extra day to relax.

In today’s post I am showing some more items at the Second Life Home & Garden Expo. Just a couple of things that I want to point out. The first is that most of the items that are being shown are the 100% donation items, which means 100% of the funds raised from the sale of these items will go to Relay for Life of Second Life.  Though plenty of other new home and garden decor at a discount from some of the best content creators in Second Life, so make sure you take a visit to the expo before it ends on March 6th.

The other thing I want to mention is there are 9 sims at the expo full of home and garden decor with the 10th sim being the breedables section. Instead of repeating the sim landmark in the credits for each item,  making the credits a bit messy with so much wording, I am going to try and remember to break it down by the sections that I am blogging items from.

Hope that makes it easier!

These items can be found at Hope 6  @ The Home & Garden Expo
*Dollhouse Home Picture Frame – Irrie’s Dollhouse 
*Valentine Lace Top Wallpaper – Irrie’s Dollhouse 
*Warm Hearts Set – Closer To The Heart 
-Snuggly Armchair-Texture Change Afghan
-Peace Lily in Pot-Small
-Warm Hearts End Table
*Bird Cage: Table Light 2 (Antique Pink) – The Mustard Seed 
*Bird Cage Planter (Floor) – The Mustard Seed 
*Flowers Pink Camellias Striped Vase – The Mustard Seed 
*Bird Cage (Wall) – The Mustard Seed 
*Table Menu-Driven Demi Table #1 Pink Camellias – The Mustard Seed 
*Flowers Pink Camellias Pastel Stripes – The Mustard Seed
*Book Lovers Gacha – ChiC buildings – The Mustard Seed 
-Tall Book Stack – ChiC buildings
-Book Stack Short – ChiC buildings
-Book Stack with Leaning Book
-Hassock with Books (rare)

These items are at Hope 8 @ The Home & Garden Expo
*Bucket Of Roses – Shabby Tabby
*Spring Unfurls 3 – Shabby Tabby
*Cup Of Love {gacha} – Shabby Tabby

This item is at Hope 9 @ The Home & Garden Expo 
*Strawberry Daiquiri Tray – True North Designs


Carpet – FE Designs {store closed}
Fairy Curtain – +Half-Deer+

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