All you need is love and LOTS of ice cream


I love ice cream.  I just can’t eat it all the time or at all depending on my tolerance for lactose at any given moment. Even if I think my tolerance is much better now then before.  It used to be that immediately soon after eating a few scoops the enjoyment would turn into an uncomfortable situation.  Now I seem to be able to eat it without too much pain even though I still get bloated quite easily… almost that feeling of having overeaten.

Though I love ice cream and will take that chance anyways!  It’s early ~ though the thought of eating some chunky monkey ice cream sounds like heaven right about now. It’s one of the flavors from Ben & Jerry’s that has banana ice cream with fudge chunks & walnuts. You must taste it!

Today the little me is showing off this complete cute outfit by Buglets that consists of the dress, shorts, hair bows and sandals.  It is available at the current round of Color Me Cute that runs until the 1st of March.

Can you tell she’s having a whale of a time eating that ice cream?

*Outfit – ~*Buglets*~ – TD Lovebug @ Color Me Cute
{Dress, Shorts, Hair Bows & Sandals}
Hair – [Love Soul] – Hair *115* Jet Black
Yummy Ice Cream Chocolate – [Cosmic Dust Kids]

Aiden’s Whale Toy – Pink – Little Closet
Camellia Chair – Dust Bunny

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