Preparation for another day

Are you waiting anxiously for the new round of the Arcade? The trading chats are starting to buzz again as people prepare their lists.

Aria 007-2

Today I am showing the Bella Glamour Room Collection items from [ARIA], who is participating in this round.  The complete collection consists of 3 rare items and 12 commons.  The rare items include the vanity table, chaise, and chandelier. The common items include the vanity mirror, vanity stool, mirror & makeup bag, perfume tray, jewelry boxes, and vase with roses as well as the faux cowhide rug, side table, book pile, teacup, vase with single rose and framed prints.


There are texture options for the chaise and rose vases while the chaise and stool come with singles animations and some with attachable props.  I’ve listed the items in the collection at the bottom.

I am also showing a sneak peak of one of the bears by BoOgErS called the Mother’s Day Bears Cuddle.  I will be showing more bears very soon, but I couldn’t resist putting in one in today’s post.


The Home & Garden Expo is still ongoing.  I’m showing the elegant chairs that have 9 animations and table from HJM Designs.  There is a vase with flowers that is part of this set not shown.  You will some other sets that go with this collection at the expo.

The orchid vase and arrangement is by Kaerri and is also at the expo.  All these featured creators/designers have some wonderful home and garden decor and not just some of the donation items that benefit Relay For Life.  They also have new releases to help decorate your home.


All this shown in the Expo Skybox, one of the new releases by aKa, at the Home & Garden Expo.  Personally, I don’t do the skybox living, because I love having the ocean view and being surrounded by nature on the ground level.  Though on occasion I have enjoyed them and especially those with city views.

Enjoy the rest of your Saturday!

*Bella Glamour Room Collection – [ARIA] @ The Arcade – March 2016
*Mother’s Day Bears Cuddle – BoOgErS @ The Arcade – March 2016
*Elegant Romance Accent Chairs & Table – HJM Designs @ Hope 1 SL Home & Garden Expo
*Orchid Vase – Kaerri @ Hope 8 SL Home & Garden Expo
*Orchid Arrangement – Kaerri @ Hope 8 SL Home & Garden Expo
*Expo Skybox – aKa @ Hope 8 SL Home & Garden Expo

Bella Glamour Room Collection:
-Chaise Lounge – Rare
-Vanity Table – Rare
-Mini Chandelier – Rare
-Vanity Mirror
-Vanity Stool
-Perfume Tray
-Vase With Roses
-Mirror & Makeup Bag
-Vanity Jewelry Boxes
-Bella Teacup
-Side Table
-Vase With A Rose
-Book Pile
-Framed Prints
-Metalic Faux Cowhide

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