Count the memories not the calories

FP 002

*Cake with Cabbage Roses {Jewel Gacha} – Folkloric @ Fair Play
*Vintage Table Centerpiece w Cabbage Roses – Folkloric @ Fair Play  {Gift at Event}
*Chicken & Soup Dish – [Nobles Creation] for Medieval Fantasy Hunt XV
Hudson River School Painting #2 – Outside the Box {Modified- Removed Board}
Forest – Dining Table & Chairs – Bazar
Farnsworth – Fanatik Architecture

4 thoughts on “Count the memories not the calories

  1. Moz Loordes

    Yummy, I love SL food and have folders of it – even for back when it was very primmy. That cake is superb – might have to spend out on the gacha 🙂 I photographed for Bauwerk yesterday (blog post to come) and they had chips n curry bratwurst in the gacha set – talk about subliminal stuff – I just had to have a large bowl of chips with dinner real life *laughs*


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