This day brings to life a new beginning

Aphrodite 005

I hope it’s a good day so far for everyone considering it’s Friday and for most it means the work week is over.  I’m feeling a tad worn out and I have no one to blame other than myself as I’ve been pushing the envelope lately getting to bed at a very late hour.

Though I’ve had lots on my mind making it a bit stressful to sleep, but yesterday marked a week that I made a decision that in all sincerity was a bit difficult to make and yet quite necessary for me.  It’s also why I’ve been a little quiet on both my blogs just posting credits most days as I’ve been in a rather reflective mode needing time to clear my head without trying to rationalize anything with my thoughts out loud or rationalize period.

Anyways, it’s a new day and with it comes a renewed sense of purpose so let me share with you what I am showing.  Aphrodite Shops has this Botanical Corner set up, which comes ready just for you to rez in place.  Everything inside this open frame small build is part of the set.

The other item being featured is the May Flower fence set by unKindness.  The set comes complete with different pieces for you to assemble the fence to your liking.  If you look closer you can see the flower cutout in the middle of the fence.  It’s available in different wood tones.

Happy Friday!

*Botanical Corner – Aphrodite Shops @ On9
*May Flower Fence Set – unKindness @ The Seasons Story
Tricicle with Flag Blue – Flecha @ The Chapter Four
Willow Tree – Gardenia
Shrub Pink & Yellow Green – Happy Mood
Wild Flowers – Kidd Creation

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