The home of a gypsy and healer

Folk 0172

First, thanks to everyone who sent me a kind word regarding the passing of an extended family member.  I didn’t write anything here, but briefly mentioned it in my other blog and I know some of you follow both blogs and were kind enough to say something.

One of the fantasy groups I blog for asked for a blogger review on a new item and since it’s furniture I am choosing to blog it here.   Folklorica is a store that caters to the role-play enthusiasts in Second Life and this Gypsy Vardo and Kataii Medicine Wagon is their newest creation.   

Folk 021

It has been designed to serve as a multipurpose use for either medieval, gorean role-play or even serve as your home or whatever use you may have.  The set is mesh and everything inside has been designed with the idea of it being used for role-play.

Folk 019

Both the table and chairs and the bed include quality animations to make your role play scenes as realistic as possible.  The bed includes adult animations by Kabuki, and described by the creator as beautifully animated and evocative. It can be used by just touching the furniture  to get the menu selection.

Folk 023

The set is delivered in a rez box and is copy and mod for your convenience.

*Gypsy Vardo and Kataii Medicine Wagon – Folklorica

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