Dreaming of You

Late at night when all the world is sleeping
I stay up and think of you
And I wish on a star that somewhere you are
Thinking of me too…

Thinking 028

During the weekends from time to time depending on what her volunteer schedule is or whether it’s time to do laundry, my niece, who is at university comes home. This Sunday after dinner we all sort of just stuck around chatting before she had to leave. She was playing with her phone and she popped up saying lets see who knows the lyrics to this song, so there we were all three generation of women trying to pick our brains to recall this song.

The song was “Dreaming of You” by former songwriter and singer, Selena Quintanilla, who just celebrated a birthday on April 16th. This is the reason her song was being featured in this trivia over the weekend.  I sort of forgot already what our score was, though we got more than half right.

This picture was taken over a week ago and not taken for blogging purposes, so no credits are being posted.  I took a night off from trying to set up a blogging scene and ventured out on the grid instead.

Though if you want to know about anything in particular, feel free to instant message me in-world or comment here.


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