One step a time and we’ll get there

Because 015

I haven’t been blogging as daily as I used to because I’ve been aiming to have a little more fun in my life.

Recently in a response to a comment that I made to a post of one of my favorite blogs that I read that is unrelated to Second Life, the words… “I’ve even missed me” touched a chord inside me.  Yes, sometimes the most simplest of words can have the most meaning.

It resonates as I feel the effects of missing me, the old me that was perhaps a little more outgoing than I am today.  I think that when I finally reached a point where I had nothing more to give to anyone.. is when I knew that I had to find myself again. I feel like a different person today than I was a year ago, much less 2-3 years.

I don’t know if I will find the old me or a renewed me of the person I am today, but I certainly have felt the need to have a little more fun and that meant being a little more open to meeting new people and having new experiences. Opportunities don’t come knocking if you’re just on your platform.

So if you find me gone a bit more it’s because I’m out walking my new dog of course and hope to run into the cute neighbor. Just kidding! Actually, I have a really gorgeous neighbor in real life, but alas he’s taken.  Anyway, a big thank you to a friend who gifted me with a new dog.  I named the English bulldog I blogged last time with Rasco, as it was the name of the very first dog we had when I was a child.  I’m open to suggestions.

No credits today, as I am not blogging anything in particular, but feel free to ask about anything in the picture.



4 thoughts on “One step a time and we’ll get there

  1. I think we know who we are for so long and then – life throws more than a curve ball at us. We’re used to the usual curve balls and know how to deflect them in our normal ways. For me, I became lost in my husband’s multiple life threatening illnesses. I’d been in that position for so many years I suddenly realized his illnesses had taken me over and I’d lost the real me. I was no longer the most effective advocate, no longer a fun person to hang out with and have a cup of coffee, I’d forgotten I wasn’t following the latest in novels, movies and music. Ballroom dancing was gone from my life. Who was I and where had the old me gone. Had I even lost my swipe tag for the gym and for the first time in my life, I was without a dog. How could I be the old me if everything that fed me and made me the person I was had been shut oul?
    I’d lost my precious Miss Priss [18 1/2 yrs shih tzu] in early Dec. She died in my arms one night while I was simply rocking in my chair as we so often did. At that moment, I felt all of my energy leave with hers’.
    I hadn’t planned to get another dog right away but life had reached an all time low for me. I contacted a rescue agency and within 2 days of my call, Bailey entered my life. Life has turned upward for me and one step and one very quick hop – Bailey and I are exploring reentering life once again – my life. Yes, it includes all the facets of caregiving of my husband but it also includes a life for myself. Who am I – that’s yet to be determined. But, I have hope. And, hope wasn’t on the radar pre-Bailey.
    Praying you will find yourself one step at a time. Always with love, Sheri


    1. Sheri, thank you once again for always saying the right thing and sharing your wisdom. I’ve read and keep up with your story, and it always continues to encourage me in many ways. Thank you for being you and for sharing.!

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