Here Comes The Rain Again

The Den 036

There is rumbling in the sky as we’re about to have some severe weather this afternoon.  It’s been raining softly so far with just a bit of wind, but within a couple hours it’s supposed to be really coming down hard and furious.  I like rain showers, so bring it on.

Before I lose power, which is often the case at times when we have these intense storms, let me get this blog post done.  I’m showcasing this 17x8x9m pavilion by The [Den.]. It’s 100% mesh and materials enabled for a land impact of 17.  It’s currently available at FaMESHed.

It’s a great furniture piece that has many uses, though I opted to create this relaxing and warm space to sit and ponder or to hang out with family and friends.

Below the credits and video is the vendor ad that shows the full pavilion and not only the portion that I captured in my picture.

Yay! The rain just started coming down hard, so much for accurate weather forecasts.

*Pavilion – The [Den.] Residential @ FaMESHed
Herisson w/Green by Soy
Arrow Curtains -by Kalopsia
Potted Pothos by Soy
Marlow Bench & Planter by {what next} @ Collabor88
Just lazy Rug /V.3 by Haikei @ Shiny Shabby
Pompom Circle Cushion/Ivory by Haikei @ Shiny Shabby
Ivy Ampersand by Floorplan
Velvet Lounge Chair by Soy
Potted Plant/Stand by [ kunst ] @ Uber
Potted Ponytail Palm by Soy
Potted Plant-Green Pot by Shutter Field
Remaining Potted Plants/Stands by *Funky Junk* {from Willow Gazebo}


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