Romantic getaway down by the river


Happy Father’s Day!! to all fathers.

Today I am featuring a complete rez set by Bee Designs, known for their tropical and tiki creations.   This summer lights set is available at Tres Chic and its all ready for you just to rez and position into place.

The bed has animations for sleep, cuddles and friends and props for having breakfast in bed.  The pillows are texture change and box string lights can be turned on and off as well as the torches.  It will require some prim as it has an 81 land impact, but well worth it when you get to create a lovely spot that has all the elements for a romantic spot.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

*Summer Lights Set by Bee Designs @ Tres Chic
Garden Tree 07 by Happy Mood
Reed Flexi by Gardenia/Annastasia Scofield
Willow Tree – Gardenia/Annastasia Scofield

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