4 thoughts on “Meeting of the minds

  1. Moz Loordes

    We have a TV series called SpringWatch and it’s all about the animals and birds on a chosen nature reservation in the UK. They do a similar series for Autumn, too. Well these stoats reminded me of the latest programmes as they focused on a family of weasels. The only way to tell the difference between the two species is that stoats have a black tassel on the end of their tails! Apart from that, they are almost impossible to take conventional camera photos of as they move so fast – hence the need to know where their dens are 🙂


  2. I wasn’t too familiar with these stoats, so I looked them up and they can be a bit aggressive. Your comment reminds me of a recent citing of ground hogs, but then we started to question if they were more ground squirrels…as they looked thinner, as ground hogs are bigger in size. Though both from the squirrel family!


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