Time stood still as the angel sang

Tia 011

*Lil’ Maison Fireplace Set by [Tia] @ The Secret Affair
{Includes Fireplace, Cherub Bust w/ Lights & Candlesticks}
*Oval Coffee Table – Light Ash by ChiC buildings @ On9
*SEA Flower Art – Chrome by ChiC buildings @ On9
*SEA Jugs – Silver by ChiC buildings @ On9
*SEA Windchimes – Chrome by ChiC buildings @ On9
*”Festival Light Art” – Star Rings – Gold (Dbl) by [CIRCA] @ Indie Teepee  {placed inside clock}
Wimberley House by Scarlet Creative @ Collabor88
Crete-Succulents by Bazar @ Shiny Shabby
Bridal Parlour – Rug by ARIA
Salad Days – Silver Cloche by Tres Blah
Bridal Parlour – Dressform- Fancy – Rare by ARIA
Worn Wingback by Fancy Decor
Nerites Clock by Scarlet Creative
Wanderlust . Belted Pillows by Dust Bunny
Wanderlust . Branch Chandelier by Dust Bunny
Wanderlust . Flower Skull by Dust Bunny
Nerites Wire Chair Metal by Scarlet Creative
Nerites Sofa by Scarlet Creative
Storybook Living . Suitcase Stack by Dust Bunny
Secretary Desk (Cream) by Apple Fall
Birdcage Light Decor by DRD
Drafting Table by Apple Fall
LN Curtain3 Tripple by DRD
Rose Bouquet by Apple Fall
Salad Days – Passing Time by Tres Blah
Review_Packages by Le Primitive
Storybook Living . White Candlestick Phone by Dust Bunny
Piper Candle T Cream by MudHoney
Plaster Side Table by Soy {past event SLB Gift}
Buck THorn {4 Seasons) by Little Branch

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