Restricted area ~ love spilleth over

Industry 042

My grandmother turned 83 today and we will be surprising her for dinner.  She thinks she’s going out to dinner with just my uncle and his wife and their son. Instead she will be greeted with several of her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren and maybe even a great great one.

My grandmother is a gutsy woman who has a lot of energy and has a memory that stretches wide and yonder.  A woman after my own heart. I wonder what she would say if I showed her some of these pictures of me in tattoos.  Chuckles.

Speaking of which I am wearing a tattoo by Endless Pain, a version 2 of their Moth tattoo.  I’m also wearing Alyssum heels by Empire and an add-on piece to the thigh, which are available at the gacha event Epiphany.

Unkindness 2 July 2016

The background in the first picture is from Industry7, all gacha items also to be found at the Epiphany.  The Urban Studio is a great collection of props that are fantastic for photos.

The bottom photo was a submission to unKindness, which was selected as their feature photo on the LTD Magazine for July/August.  The magazine is out now and can be found here.  I add these awards and/or recognition’s to my feature tab on top in both of my blogs to share, but also as a way to recall these little accomplishments along the way.  I had three group covers during this month along with this magazine coverage as well as several of my photos selected with my permission to be used on market place.

Thank you all for continuing to support my blogging endeavors.

*Urban Studio Gacha Set by Industry7 @ The Epiphany
-Back alley set RARE
-Muthafucka Neon
-Cockstar Prop Teal
-Love Spills Prop
-Junk & Can Prop

*Tattoo: Moth V2 Unisex by Endless Pain Tattoos ~ MFGC
*Alyssum Shoe – Maitreya by Empire @ The Epiphany
*Alyssum Addon – Maitreya by Empire @ The Epiphany
Hair: Drive by Magika
#22 Energy – Choker – Black by BlueberryThe Epiphany
#16 Energy – Chain Bra – Maitreya Black by Blueberry @ The Epiphany
#29 Energy – Solid Dress – Maitreya Red by Blueberry @ The Epiphany
#21 Energy – Armlets – Maitreya by Blueberry @The Epiphany

15 thoughts on “Restricted area ~ love spilleth over

    1. Thank you Moz! I think it was yesterday that I was reading your comment on my phone, and I happen to accidentally hit a post of yours that I think you did in 2010, about model clothing scripting..and as I read it I thought oh this is very relevant today, for us bloggers who struggle with how to describe what we are wearing… 🙂


      1. Moz Loordes

        Awwws, thanks, Alexa! That post (and I think it was way back at the beginning of my blog) gets read nearly every week and contributes a lot to the amount of hits I get. I was well into modeling at that stage and writing for fashion mags and attempted to combine the two. ❤

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      2. That’s probably why it was shown at the bottom… you wrote it in 2010 if I recall.. you should consider doing a new one and getting it posted with Blogger Support…as they recently asked for people to write an article.. its useful even today for models and for bloggers. Happy weekend to you Moz!


  1. Alexa – Way to go – awards and covers too! I’m not surprised. I’ve loved your work from the first time I visited your blog. I still don’t understand all that goes into making what you do work, just know that I love the results. You have a gift and yeah for you that you’re using it.
    I’d like to listen in on the conversation with your grandmother and family at dinner as you celebrate her birthday. Often these are wonderful times when stories are retold from one generation to the next and they become so special. Both of my grandmothers were strong women generations ahead of their time. They were great role models for me.

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    1. You would enjoy her as much as I do, listening to her stories. A few years ago I got to write her story of how she met my grandmother, whose passed already. She recounted how they met when she was 13 and he was 15, and how they grew close… hearing of my grandfather riding a horse as they courted, by the age of 15 they stayed out late talking, unaware of the time, which in those days was they were forced to marry..she was only 15, which is not uncommon in Mexico back in the late 40s.. they had 12 children, my mother being the oldest.. so you can imagine the history that is there. You definitely take after your grandmothers.. 🙂


  2. Alexa – I often believe the stories of our grandmothers make us the women we are today. I loved listening to my own grandmothers and all elderly women. When Tom was at the rehab center I would seek out women who were also patients there and talk with them. Most of them never had visitors and that broke my heart. They had such rich stories to share.
    My father’s mother was a mail-order bride. She was from high-society in Chicago and found it stuffy and boring. My grandfather had walked barefooted from Arkansas to Kansas to homestead land. He had made a dugout for his home as you had to have a dwelling on the property within the first year of having the property. I’ve heard my grandfather tell the story so many times of the young woman dressed in lace and all types of refinement that he met on the open plains of Kansas. They went to the church and were married the same day. There was no time to waste as a storm was coming in and granddad had a field to harvest.
    Grandmother loved being a farmer’s wife, raised 12 children with my father being the oldest and she was totally blind by the age of 40 but after granddad passed at 65. she refused to move from the farm. Here she was 52 miles from the closest town and couldn’t see her hand in front of her face.
    I think of the courage she summoned every day yet she stayed on top of the political scene as well as took care of the farm. Finally, at age 90, she agreed to move into an apartment in a small town but she still missed the farm until the day she died.
    We are fortunate to have strong grandmothers in our family. They have indeed molded us into the women we are today.
    Have a great weekend, Alexa.

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    1. Wow, what a beautiful story! I often see these romance novels about mail-order brides and I am tempted to read one as they sort of inspire these romantic notions in me… and yet here is a real life story of one. We have been blessed indeed to have these women in our families… you as well Sheri, have a fabulous weekend!

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