Take my hand and never let go


Thank you everyone for blessing and enriching me with your comments in some of my blog posts.  It’s always very nice to read what you have to say, even it’s a simple hello sometimes.  It’s encouraging to me as I continue to explore this world of blogging.

While I like to see picture blogs too…  personally, I love to read stories shared from both worlds, as they offer a glimpse of you, the writer, your personality, the real person that sits behind the screen who shares their joys, sorrows or what inspires them in their pictures and every day life.

Today I am not blogging for anyone specifically, as the last days have been rather busy for me that I didn’t have much time to do any photos for the weekend. This picture has been in the making for a while now.  I was shopping one day when I spotted this dress for little me, which is quite authentic to my Mexican heritage. I couldn’t resist buying and knew that I wanted us to take a picture together.  I hadn’t really looked since then, which is probably now a good few weeks, and not seen anything until now when I found this top I’m wearing at a recent event.

After a few crashes for dual logging here is the final result.

Enjoy what’s left of your Sunday!

7 thoughts on “Take my hand and never let go

  1. Moz Loordes

    Beautiful pictures, Alexa! And you have a Mexican heritage – such an interesting country. Last night I was watching a programme on the BBC which each week uncovers hidden art that people have and would like to find out if it’s actually by the artist or a forgery. Sometimes, they uncover amazing pictures that have a rich past – last week it was about the discovery of a lost painting from the collection of a Russian Czarina. Last night, it was a possible drawing by Rodin (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-lincolnshire-369367020) which turned out to be a fake but the process of uncovering its history led to Mexico where we learned about a thriving art scene and featured a couple of female artists who had exhibitions around that time. Fascinating!


    1. Oh I like watching those shows sometimes..we have similar here. I couldn’t get anything with your link.. gave me a page not found. I’ve only been to a few places in Mexico, and mostly near the border towns.. but one day I hope to go into Mexico City.. or Guadalajara, which has some great areas as well.


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