Piglet farm

Scults 027PS-33

When I first saw the barn, windmill and sprinkler items from [Schultz Bro.], there was no thought on how I would show them until I laid them out and thought of what animals to use in the picture. It just happened that this past Friday, a friend who lives in Tennessee, was transporting a pig she saved from the slaughter house to one of these facilities where they take care of pigs.

That’s how my piglet farm came to be. She doesn’t run a farm, but she has several acres and has a love of animals and was telling me that she needed to invest in a larger barn if she took in anymore animals. She already owns horses, birds, dogs and cats and no telling what else.

Now to what I am featuring today.  Schultz Bros. has put together another fantastic realistic set of items that will be released at the upcoming round of Cosmopolitan that begins on August 15th.  These items are not sold together as a set, they will be available individually. The homestead barn is realistically textured and detailed and it only has a land impact of 29 and the separate barn light is 1.  The old windmill has a land impact of 10 and has female and male and unisex animations.  The rusted sprinkler shown is the larger of all four pieces in this set of sprinklers.  The land impact ranges from 2 to 13, which is shown here only partially.

Everything is 100% mesh with copy and mod permission.  Truly fantastic pieces if you have a love of old stuff and the country life style.

Have a great Sunday!

*The Homestead Barn by [Schultz Bros.] @ Cosmopolitan **August 15th**
*The Old Windmill by [Schultz Bros.] @ Cosmopolitan 
*Rusted Farm Sprinkler – Broken (7) by [Schultz Bros.] @ Cosmopolitan 
Dirt Ground- Heavy by [TUFF]
Pigs by Just Animals
Old Spigot / Water Trough by POST
Barnyard Buddies :: Hay Bales by JIAN
Trees by [we’re CLOSED]
Shrub Large Green by [we’re CLOSED]
Shrub Large Bare by [we’re CLOSED]
Kattegat Series: Shelter & Goods Folke by Del-ka Aedilis
Old Grass by S.R Creations & Clip Arts Pre Fabs
Wooden Fence by Sensorya Xue {Modded}

2 thoughts on “Piglet farm

  1. Moz Loordes

    More fabulous pieces from Schultz Bros.! The barn is only 29LI? You could do a great barn conversion and have those picture windows as a feature in a full ceiling height lounge, for instance. Lots of barn conversions real life in the UK rural communities.


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