All I want is a good nights rest


Today I come back indoors with some lovely bedroom furniture to show you. This is the room where you dress, sleep, dream and love. I don’t know about you,  but it’s a place that I need to be calm and serene as it’s where I go to rest… like that much needed afternoon nap yesterday.


The furniture I’m showcasing today is some of the latest creations by [Tia] and [Noble Creations]. The vanity and the accessories including the rug and screen you see pictured in the picture below are by [Noble Creations] and available at The Secret Affair this month.  It runs only until September 29th, afterwards you can find this set at the store.


The bed with mirrors and the round carpet is by [Tia] and it’s a new release at the main store.  I love that some creators still do releases at their main store! I wish more of them would do it… makes for an easier shopping experience.


The bed set includes an 8 color texture hud and 3 colors for the metal pieces. It’s got over 110 quality animations that includes sits, slave sits, sleep, cuddles and sex for couples and if you want something a bit more, even threesomes.  It rezzes props, like bondage post with chains, gives shackles, collar and whip.  Plus it’s easy on the prim count having a land impact of 11 for the bed, 2 for the mirrors and 1 for the carpet.  009ps2

*The Gothica Bed by [Tia] ***New**** @ Main-store
{Bed, Side Mirrors & Round Rug}
*Vanity Set by [Noble Creations] @ The Secret Affair
-Vanity Accessories

Hello Billy – Hatboxes by Apt B
Bridal Parlour – Dressform- Fancy – Rare by ARIA {past arcade}
Venice Palazzo Vinci by Scarlet Creative @ The Arcade

8 thoughts on “All I want is a good nights rest

  1. purplebutterfly lykin

    Love Love Love this room! Might have to get you to come re-do the P’s bedroom.

    Chuckles, although I’m still trying to work out how you get the tranquil dreaming idea because from my experience a bondage post, shackles and whip is anything but tranquil 😉


    Liked by 1 person

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