Creepy things that come out at night


I’m not really into all the creepy and scary things that come around this time of year when the Halloween season is upon us.  Though I do like to challenge myself to get outside my comfort zone.  We’ll see what the days ahead will bring, because I’ve seen some really creepy make your skin crawl stuff already.

Today I’m showcasing a few items that can be found at the Salem Macabre Market & Gacha Gallows Event that will run until October 31st.  There is a bit of everything to get your scary thrills on, including home and garden decor that I am featuring.

The Hive has the “Something Sinister Gacha,” which includes the secret shack that is the rare in the set, boards on the window, chandelier, floor candelabra, pentagram and the keep out sign and put a spell on you frame.  There are a few more pieces to the set. I’ve included the gacha key at the bottom of credits.  The second item by Hive is a pumpkin cart set, that includes all the pumpkins and the cart on the porch. I love this set and will probably feature it again soon in another scene.

I’m also featuring items by unKindness.  The wall creepers set is gacha with the rare being the trick or treaters near the door.  The other two wall creepers being shown are on the window boards.  I’ve also included the gacha key at the bottom.

The last item being featured is also by unKindness and it’s the Victorian fence. It’s a kit that allows you to create your own fence line.  It’s a lovely set that works in any landscape settings.

Have a great lazy Sunday!

*Something Sinister Gacha by Hive @ Salem 
hive // Board The Windows 1
hive // Board The Windows 2
hive // The secret Shack RARE
hive // Chandelier [Wrought Iron]
hive // Floor Candelabra [Wrought Iron]
hive // Crescent Moons [Silver]
hive // The Pentagram
hive // Keep Out Sign
hive // Put a Spell on You Frame

*Pumpkin Cart Set II by Hive @ Salem 
hive // Pumpkin cart II
hive // Fall Pumpkin A [Muted Green]
hive // Fall Pumpkin A [Muted Brown]
hive // Fall Pumpkin B [Muted Brown]
hive // Fall Pumpkin B [Muted Green]

*Wall Creepers Gacha by unKindness @ Salem 
uK – Wall Creepers Trick or Treat RARE
uK – Wall Creepers Bridezilla
uK – Wall Creepers Frankie

*Victorian Fence White by  unKindness @ Salem 

MM Attic Junkpile by DRD
Wild Grass by Studio Skye
Shrub Large Bare by [we’re CLOSED]
Forest Brushwood by 3D Trees
Black Glow Grass by Totally Tarot
Cat Pouncing – Mesh by Just Animals {Tinted}
The Calico Cat! by AMU {Tinted}




2 thoughts on “Creepy things that come out at night

  1. Moz Loordes

    Yep, I am not a fan of the gore season, either. I have things to blog that I am wondering how to display as fantasy rather than gore. Hmm, maybe monochrome rather than red! Your post shows some not so gory stuff, though, and rather good – especially the unKindness gacha.

    Liked by 1 person

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