Draftsman, a SL Architecture Event


I’m introducing a new event called Draftsman, that will be coming next month. Draftsman, is a SL Architecture Event, that aims to bring together the best designers and architects in one bi-monthly shopping event. It will focus on original, unique mesh and taking us back through time from the dawn of man to the future societies of tomorrow.

This next picture is a collage of three photos of the sim to show the setup for designers and also share some of the awesome and inspiring quotes that you will see that line the walkways of the event platform.


Designers and bloggers are invited to participate. Below you will find the website link where you can find all the relevant information on how to be involved in this new event.

Website: Draftsman

Direct TP to Venue

You can also contact Waterfall Farshore or Kaelyn Alecto inworld for more information.


One thought on “Draftsman, a SL Architecture Event

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